Beaded bridesmaid headpieces – neutral & metallic

The town that I live in has a very transient population. It’s the nature of a mining town I guess, but it means that new friends come and go much more often than I would like. The lovely bride that these bridesmaids belong to was one such friend; she sadly left town to return to her native New Zealand.

The brief:

The wedding was a rustic kind of affair where the bridesmaids were all wearing a silk dress that were all different styles and colours from a neutral colour palette including chocolate brown to light nude and everything in between. They would be wearing corsages in place of bouquets, with succulents and tiny blossoms. The headpieces weren’t to be too big.

Easy! We developed a design that was a stylized succulent that would be the same for each bridesmaid, but had different coloured beads to match their silk dress. Jen sourced a range of beads within the colour palette and we got to work. We used the same technique as we did with the Tibi headpiece, layering felt and interfacing to draw on the design, then placing it into an embroidery hoop for beading

Beaded bridesmaid headpiece hoop_Things That Shine Lifestyle

Beaded bridesmaid headpiece progress_Things That Shine Lifestyle

Jen and I beaded 2 of the headpieces each and Rosey beaded one.

Beaded bridesmaid headpiece pink_Things That Shine Lifestyle

Beaded bridesmaid headpiece light_Things That Shine Lifestyle

It was a really subtle and glamorous way to tie 5 different bridesmaids together without looking too cliche. Here is all 5 of the headpieces together:

Beaded bridesmaid headpieces neutral metallic_Things That Shine Lifestyle

Pretty little things! 

I’ve had reports that the wedding was absolutely amazing and the beautiful bride was everything that we thought she would be.

Warm and fuzzy over here! I love me a wedding, but I hate it when my peeps leave 😦

Jenelle xx

Wardrobe Roulette #3 {PICK MY PATTERN}

It’s that time again awesome nerds: tell me what to sew next! I’m 2 projects into my 2015 sewing plan and so far, so good! I particularly loved the Malvarosa dress that I have just completed.

Without further ado, here are the choices:

wardrobe roulette pattern numbered grid March_Things That Shine lifestyle

1. Simplicity 2865 knit dress

2. Completed

3. Simplicty 1942 cape coat

4. Simplicity 3694 dress

5. Blue Sky Hat by Amy Butler Patterns

6. Mccalls 8516 1980s top

7. Tania Culottes by Megan Nielsen

8. Plain and Simple envelope clutch by Hot Patterns

9. Completed

10. Tiny Pocket Tank by Grainline Studios

11. Katey and Laney Geometry Top

Ok people, my future is in your hands. Choose wisely 🙂

What’s on our sewing agenda this week?

Jenelle xx

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Wardrobe Roulette #2 {Malvarosa Dress}

Let me start this post by saying…:the photos ahead are pretty terrible. So is my hair. I only noticed once I sat down to edit them, so..soz!

Now that the awkward formalities are out of the way, I finished project 2 in Wardrobe Roulette, and I’m so in love with this pattern that I am going to make it again immediately in a slightly more ‘me’ print- this was a ‘wearable toile’ kind of situation as I wasn’t sure about the drop waist on me, but I. LOVE. IT. Love it. I got my tan clogs out and embraced the crazy lady vibe.

The pattern is the Malvarosa Dress by Pauline Alice Patterns. It’s a relaxed fit with a dropped waist, in-seam front pockets and an optional 3/4 sleeve. The instructions were great, everything matched up really nicely and it was a fairly quick project.

Malvarosa dress front edit_Things That Shine Lifestyle copy

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a huge fan of facings, but in this pattern they really work. The under-stitching makes the sleeves and neckline sit so nicely; but despite hand stitching the facings down, they still snuck out under the arm when I was putting the dress on. I can deal with that.

Malvarosa dress sleeve_Things That Shine Lifestyle

A small change I made shortening the length of skirt by about 10 centimetres. Given that I’m borderline little person, the billowing gathered skirt just wasn’t going to work.

Malvarosa dress skirt_Things That Shine Lifestyle

I can’t quite remember where this fabric is from..possibly the op shop. I think its Indonesian. It’s not a print I would generally choose in a ready to wear item, but the birds get me every time. The border print worked really well on the ruffley skirt. It’s a beautiful and light fabric and after the climate around here lately, I need light.

And excuse me, but pockets. The kind of pockets that are so cute you need to leave your hands in them. Virtual high-five to Pauline Alice Patterns for that.

Malvarosa dress_Things That Shine Lifestyle

Except for now, when my hands aren’t in them. Ok sassy pants.

I can’t recommend this pattern enough, it’s easy peasy, comfy and quickly gratifying. I’m going to make this again before I take on project 3. Maybe. I’ve also got a tea cosy to make for the annual tea cosy competition and a couple of baby gifts for some new little friends that will be arriving very soon. Oh and some Preloved Project tasks to make sure our next event (in May) is bigger and better.

It’s better to have a lot to do than nothing to do…right?

What is keeping you busy this week?

Jenelle xx

The Preloved Project {a fashion consignment venture}

I’m sure that I’m not the only individual that over-buys and under-uses when it comes to my wardrobe. I’m known to be fairly spontaneous when it comes to buying new items, particularly if something pops up in my news feed on Facebook. Inevitably, this leaves me with an excess of stuff and nowhere to put it.

One day, after lamenting our lack of space and our lack of funds, my friends and I came up with a plan to solve both problems. We needed to sell all of our beautiful, wonderful, special pieces and allow someone else to enjoy them. And thus, The Preloved Project was born.

From our About Us:

“The Preloved Project Kalgoorlie started out as a group of friends selling their preloved and brand new clothing that had been sitting in our wardrobes. These items were loved and admired every day, but we weren’t going to wear them again. We decided that we needed to move them on so someone else could enjoy them; it was a bonus that we could make a little extra money to buy more gorgeous things…and start the cycle all over again.

Rosey, Jenelle and Natalie are local Kalgoorlieans that have all worked in fashion retail for many years. Rosey has studied Fashion and Textile Design and currently manages a gorgeous shoe boutique. Jenelle studied Community Development and is currently starting her own fashion retail website.”

Rosey (of super-milliner fame)’s focus at fashion school was sustainable fashion, so she’s done lots of research and is quite passionate about establishing a more sustainable fashion and retail model. I’m a proponent of sharing the love, and preloved consignment is the perfect way to ensure that items of quality are continually used by someone that loves them, rather than languishing in our wardrobes. Natty loves the cathartic effect of clearing out the old to make way for the new.

Our first event around a year ago, before we named it The Preloved Project, was simply 4 friends (Donna has since left town) hiring a space and selling our worn once, near-new and new-with-tags items sitting in our wardrobe. It was before we knew that this idea could actually mean something, but even then, we knew the space needed to reflect the special-ness of the items, and our memories in wearing them. We didn’t want this to be a trash-and-treasure or car-boot-sale kind of event. That is where Fossick Handmade comes in.

Fossick is this incredible local space that is part gallery, part handmade retailer, part craftivists and part craft teacher. You must check out their Facebook page and discover all of their amazing work. We were very fortunate that they allowed us to use their gallery space to host our first preloved event. Who wouldn’t feel fabulous and inspired in this amazing location?

Preloved Project 1_Things That Shine Lifestyle

That weekend was a huge success, and we were inundated with requests to sell other people’s things. We planned our next sale to coincide with the local spring racing festival (aka race round), giving people the opportunity to sell headwear and special day wear.


We stuck with a few people that we know well to test out our brand new consignment paper work and systems for flaws or ways to improve it. We accepted only quality items, with no discount stores or ‘fast to market’ labels to ensure that our growing customer base could be certain that they would find great pieces at bargain prices when they visited our events.

We also created an online capsule collection of items that people could purchase directly through Facebook.

Preloved Project 4_Things That Shine Lifestyle

With our most recent event we rolled out our full consignment service, accepting all applicants that fit our mission. The mix of items was perfect in that there were plenty of genuine vintage items, mid-range labels like Finders Keepers and Wish and special designer pieces from Collette Dinnigan, Thurley, Alannah Hill and Nicola Finetti. This was also the first time we had a plus size section that went to size 26.

Preloved Project 5_Things That Shine Lifestyle

The event exceeded our expectations in terms of organisation and customer turnout. We had LOADS of people waiting at the door to get in and a line for our change-rooms as soon as we opened. Luckily my best friend and her daughter (my god-daughter) dropped in to check out the sale because we ended up recruiting my god daughter to stay and work for us! We will refine our systems further from this experience and the next sale will be better than ever.

Preloved Project 2_Things That Shine Lifestyle

Preloved Project 3_Things That Shine Lifestyle

The Preloved Project has become much more than a way to make a little extra cash. It’s taught us to think a little more before we buy things; it’s taught us a little bit about sustainable fashion; it’s taught us about investing in quality over quantity; it’s taught us the value of letting go.

Who knew a pop-up shop could be so valuable?

Jenelle xx

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I need some sewing advice!

I visited the local op shop today and came across this little bit of 70s goodness:


Crazy, right? The problem is, it’s a size 20 and I want it to be a coat.

Yes, a coat. Which is why I need your advice. I’m thinking that I cut it through the middle, unpick the lining, take it in through the princess seams at the front and side seams:


At the back there is a zip which is problematic, however I thought since there’s a LOT of taking in required, I could remove the zip and just make it a centre back seam. I’ll also need to give it a shoulder lift.


Soooo….is this a) even do-able and; b) worth the effort?

Please please please tell me what to do!

Jenelle xx

Things I Made {pom pom garland}

I’m probably a bit late to the garland party, but really, who doesn’t love a garland?! They are such a cheery and charming addition to most events and spaces. Well, so is champagne but…responsibility is boring.

With The Preloved Project consignment sale and Valentines Day fast approaching, there’s a need for some festivity in our merchandising and I think the pom pom garland is a certain winner. My bricks and mortar boss-lady (that just happens to be at the best shoe store in town) is 100% determined to make sure pom poms take over the world (which she aptly titles World POMination) so this little garland will be heading to the big ol’ store windows to pominate the universe a little more.

Have y’all ever made a pom pom before? These little balls of happiness are super easy, you just need yarn, scissors and a fork. Oddly enough, I learnt to make these at a baby shower; my little buddy miss Violet has her own pom pom garland in her nursery, made for her by everyone at her mumma’s baby shower. Cute!

DIY pom pom garland step one_Things That Shine Lifestyle

Step 1: Cut a short length of yarn and slide it into the middle of the fork

DIY pom pom garland step two_Things That Shine Lifestyle

Step 2: Start wrapping the yarn around the fork, with the original length remaining threaded through the fork

DIY pom pom garland step three_Things That Shine Lifestyle

Step 3: Continue wrapping the yarn around the fork until you reach a suitable thickness, then cut the yarn from the skein

DIY pom pom garland step four_Things That Shine Lifestyle

Step 4: Taking the length of yarn threaded through the fork in step 1, bring it into the centre of your wrapped yarn and use it to gather the wrapped yarn. Tie a tight knot.

DIY pom pom garland step five_Things That Shine Lifestyle

Step 5: Slide the wrapped and tied yarn off of the fork. You’ll get a little package just like the above image.

DIY pom pom garland step sixa_Things That Shine Lifestyle

Step 6: Using scissors, cut the loops of yarn, being careful not to cut the tie and knot that is holding the wrapped yarn in place. Fluff the pom pom and trim and uneven pieces. Voila! Pom pom perfection.

DIY pom pom garland step six_Things That Shine Lifestyle

The garland is made by simply using the original yarn length tails to tie the pom pom onto a length of twine or ribbon. I use pink and white twine to match the Valentines Day poms.

DIY pom pom garland close_Things That Shine Lifestyle

DIY pom pom garland two_Things That Shine Lifestyle

And the worlds favourite photo-bomber:

DIY pom pom garland luca_Things That Shine Lifestyle

He’s popping that hip like no one’s business.

DIY pom pom valentines day garland_Things That Shine Lifestyle

What are you planning for Valentines Day? Any DIY’s in the works for the day of lurrrrve?

Jenelle xx

Wardrobe Roulette #2 {pick my pattern}

After the successful completion of my Salme Patterns playsuit, it’s time to move on to the next project in my self-imposed Wardrobe Roulette challenge for 2015.

In case you missed it, I’m making a new item every month for 2015, and my lovely readers (that’s YOU!) are telling me which pattern to make. Here’s the choices:

wardrobe roulette pattern numbered grid February_Things That Shine lifestyle

1. Simplicity 2865 knit dress, View A


3. Simplicity 1942 Cape, View A

4. Simplicity 3694, View B dress

5. Amy Butler Blue Sky Hat

6. McCalls 8156, View C

7. Megan Nielsen Tania Culottes

8. Hot Patterns, Plain and Simple Clutch

9. Pauline Alice Malvarosa drop waist dress, View A sleeveless

10. Grainline Studios Tiny Pocket Tank

11. Katey and Laney Geometry Top

The culottes from Megan Nielsen patterns was a pretty close second last month, and the cape wasn’t far off either (although given the recent 47 degree day we’ve just had here, the need for this isn’t urgent just yet!).

All you have to do is comment with your choice, or like the Things That Shine Facebook page and comment on the Wardrobe Roulette image there.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the patterns if you’ve made any of them yourself. Comment away lovelies!

Jenelle x